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This photo shows me working the UF Alumni Association table at the Career Showcase.

About Me

By the time you started reading this sentence, your eyes probably glanced at the sunset panoramic at the top of the page, and maybe the photo to the left of me in a suit.

You're probably wondering, "Just who is this sensitive, dapper young man?" Great question.

Joking aside, I'm Chris Burg, a sophomore advertising major at the University of Florida. I've created this site to showcase myself, and my work, on the web.

I'm thoroughly involved on campus, mainly with the Florida Cicerones, the official student ambassadors for the University of Florida. Cicerones are usually the first students that visitors to UF interact with. Whether we're giving campus tours, serving as hosts for President Machen, or touring athletic recruits, the University is counting on the unique and authentic personalities of the Cicerones to make a great impression.

In addition to Cicerones, I volunteer with Sustainable UF and am a member of UF Ad Society. I am an Eagle Scout, I totally love the outdoors and try to camp out as much as possible. I've got many more dimensions that I've yet to touch upon, but as you navigate my site, check out my Facebook page, or contact me via email, I hope you'll learn to really understand who I am!