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Hiking the Parks of the USA

Overlooking Griffith Park
Overlooking Griffith Park, Los Angeles, CA

"In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks." -John Muir

I believe there is no better way to explore your surroundings than by walking it!

Whether it’s the trail near your house that you’ve run a thousand times with your dog, or a monumental challenge like concurring the Appalachian Trail, you can always find something new and exciting about each hike. From flat paved trails, to the tallest of mountains, the terrain options, especially within the United States, are limitless. Although I haven't had the opportunity to visit other countries, hiking is an activity that is enjoyed around the world.

For simple hiking, there is no need for fancy, expensive equipment; just a good pair of shoes, appropriate clothes for the climate and the desire to be in the great outdoors.

Village Creek Park, Wynne, AR
Me, taking a run through the beautiful Village Creek Park in Wynne, Arkansas

Hiking trips can fit any schedule. There are trails that only take an hour, trails that will take all day (day hikes), and overnight hikes, which are often called backpacking. In addition, there is "bushwacking". Bushwaking requires a hiker to create his or her own trail, working their way through thick vegetation without the benefits of a marked or cleared trail.

Hiking is very versatile.

The United States has endless trails that can accommodate anyone's needs or physical abilities. Hiking can be a strenuous form of exercise, a less than strenuous form of exercise, an excuse to have a picnic with the family, or just a chance to explore part of your own neighborhood.

Reaching the peak of a mountain or the end point of a trail can be an exhilarating feeling, often accompanied by breathtaking views. For me it's an important motto to say:

"take a hike!"

Some of My Favorite Places to Hike: