My hobbies!

Wicked Wickets
Wicked Wickets - A member of the Gator Cricket Club plays cricket on Lake Alice Field Monday night. He is playing as the bowler, who pitches the ball to the batsman.
Grapes of Wrath
Grapes of Wrath - A Gainesville resident stomps grapes Saturday at Grape Stompin', a wine-tasting and grape-stomping event. Paulk Vineyards, in Wray, Ga., donated one ton of muscadine grapes, said Gabrielle Fellenz, executive assistant to the director of Gainesville's Pledge 5 Foundation.

Over the summer I took JOU 3601, Photographic Journalism, with Professor John Freeman where I learned the practical art of photojournalism.

Since the class, I take photos for the Independent Florida Alligator. I bought a Canon 60D to continue to hone my new professional hobbie.

My passion is still writing, but photojournalism is only another way to paint the picture of truth, which is always my goal as a journalist.