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Hobbies are always a tricky thing when someone's schedule is as unsettled as a students'. Even more, as a non-traditional student, the typical student entertainment options (i.e. trips to the local bars and clubs) aren't really on the table for me.

I am quite a big sports aficionado, though, and so attending a school with sports like those at the University of Florida is a great opportunity. Division 1 football, basketball, and baseball games are always a blast, and for students they're so cheap!

I am also an avid videogamer. I spend a lot of time (probably way too much time, truthfully) on my Sony Playstation 3. My favorite games are first-person shooters (a la Call of Duty) or driving/racing games (such as Gran Turismo) if you're a gamer and you're on the the Playstation Network, you can find me under the gamer tag "Gwenbors". Maybe we can shoot some zombies, sometime!

It also sort of stands to reason that I am an avid beachgoer. One can hardly live in Florida and not be. Truthfully, though, for many long-time Floridians "going to the beach" is a very different sort of behavior than "going to the beach" may be for a Spring Breaker or cast-member from "The Jersey Shore." For me, going to the beach isn't about stylish swimsuits and macho posturing, but rather about connecting with nature and the world at that surreal joint where land meets sea.