The Present Day Partygoers

Reggie Wayne

image from Andy Lyons, Getty Images

At Quarterback we have Cam Newton drafted in the bottom of the second round, capable of putting up numbers through the air, and on the ground.

Backing him up we have Joe Flacco, who went undrafted, and is at the time of this writing in the top ten of fantasy quarterbacks.

At running back we have first round pick Darren McFadden, or affectionately known as “Run-DMC”.

The Stable is also home to thorough-bred running back Adrian Peterson who runs more like a horse than anyone I have ever seen in my life.

Ryan Matthews and Deangelo Williams round out the stable with Ryan being back for his third go on a team of mine and Deangelo being someone I just have one of those feelings about.

At Wide Receiver leading the corps is new Patriot Brandon Lloyd, one of the NFL’s most deadly deep threat receivers.

Next in the corps is Reggie Wayne, a receiver forgotten in a down year who seems to have caught on to a bit of Luck

Desean Jackson is the next pass catcher putting up points for Wear Something Tight, he seems to be on a mission to prove last year was an aberration, which is something this Fantasy GM loves

Torrey Smith and Randall Cobb, are the last two receivers on the team with Torrey being the underrated stud in the midst of a “breakout” year and Randall being another one of those players that my stomach is talking to me about.

At Tight End we have the duo of Greg Olsen and Brandon Pettigrew, the first being an awesome player and man and the latter simply being a ppr guy that hopefully proves me wrong in all the right ways.

The Packers D is my defense, as I love their playmaking nature and constant quarterback pressure.

My kicker last but not least is Greg “The Leg” Zuerlein, who was given that name by his teammates and preferably for good reason.