In the Beginning, There was a Draft

adrian peterson

Image from ESPN

Draft Day was exhilarating. It is always fun to play in a league with good competition, and this league has no shortage of competition.

Being the most competitive this league has ever been, drafting proves to be a great challenge and a great opportunity to showcase your offseason preparation.

To spare us the drolls of going through the entire selection process I will simply give you the highlights.

My first round pick was Darren McFadden, after trading back to the ninth slot and performing my first ever draft day pick trade.

My sleeper of the year who was not much of a sleeper was Brandon Lloyd in the fourth. My Risk/Reward pick was Adrian Peterson in the third, being that he just came off reconstructive knee surgery and his draft stock had taken a dip.

Some other late draft highlights were Reggie Wayne, Danny Amendola, and Greg Olsen.