You are Cordially Invited...

Costa Solo

To celebrate a party that is a season in the making. I invite you to come witness this celebration of Fantasy Football.

A Gala of epic proportions which truly does let the Fantasy Footballist in all of us come out for a time and cheer for a touchdown or two.

It is a celebration of people overcoming insurmountable odds to help their team. It is about players playing in new places with smiling faces, tallying points up at incredible paces.

It’s about players who can rip their jersey’s open, just like Superman. No party is complete without some fantasy boldness, which is most definitely on the list of activities.

But enough about me, let me introduce you to the true stars of the show. Spanning 12 NFL teams, six different positions, and each being a beast in their own right.

I now introduce you to the Guests of Honor, The Members of Wear Something Tight.