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Me and my friends outside of the Capitol
My friends and I outside of The Capitol in Washington D.C.

Traveling is one of my favorite activities to do with my family and friends. I have been to a couple of places such as Brazil when I was only eight years old, and in the past couple of years I have visited North Carolina, Washington D.C., New York City and Virginia. But my favorite place to travel to has definitely been Washington D.C.

Washing D.C. is located just right outside of Maryland and Virginia. Washington D.C has really amazing places to visit such as all of the monuments and memorials, which include the Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery and a lot more. Since I went to Washington D.C. for a National Convention for Delta Epsilon Chi, a business organization that I participated in high-school, I was able to go to many different places.

My favorite aspect of traveling to Washington D.C. was the food! Instead of eating in big chain restaurants, me and my friends decided to eat like the locals, and go to places that only locals knew and try the food.

This idea was one of the best ideas we tried in the entire week that we spent in D.C, The food was delicious and surprisingly, affordable. While we visited Washington D.C.,we also decided it would be fun to take the subway to Georgetown. Georgetownwas a town that reminded me of what the movies show when we see the northeast states. The restaurants were small, cozy and the atmosphere was always extremely lively because of the college students.

Me and my friends outside of the Capitol
A photo I took of The Capitol in Washington D.C.

Our main reason for going was to check out Georgetown Cupcakes, a cupcake shop that has been extremely famous because of their cupcake show on TLC. For being only T.V. famous, their cupcakes were delicious and worth the 45 minute wait in line. Washing D.C. is not just our capitol, and full of history and monuments, but it also has other activities for fun that are not on your everyday vacation list.

Being able to see the Capitol was a once in a lifetime memory. The Capitol is a building that we start learning since elementary school, but seeing it on a textbook is very different that seeing it in person. Being able to tour the inside of the Capitol and see how congress men and women work everyday was very interesting. I have always been a huge American History fan, which is why during the tour I was enjoying it so much! There are so many fun facts that you learn throughout this tour that make it real worth the time and money.