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My Traveling Tips

Traveling can be tough and stessful, but when one travels it should be easy and stress free! To me, travling is another word for vacationing, and that is what hopefully these tips will help you accomplish!

Tips for Travling

When I booked my flight to washington D.C., I booked it with a couple months in advance. Planning early is always really smart because it allows you to do as much research as possible on activities that you are interested in. Airplane tickets are also a lot cheaper when booked earlier rather than later. If you are planning on going to Washington D.C., I highly recommend start planning early! A lot of the tours for the White House or The Capitol, it is a requirement to book with months in advance because of all the paperwork that is required and the background checks that these offices do before you are allowed to do the tour.

Packing light is extremely tough for us females, but it is a lot easier to travel with just one bag than a suitcase, a carry on, and a big purse. It allows you to travel faster and more comforable; and if you are planning on saving some money by taking the subway from the airport to your hotel, then it is a must to pack lightly! When I got to Washington D.C., I took the subway from the airport to my hotel, and because of all the bags I had, it was one of the worst experiences ever! Thus, packing lightly is smart!

Nowadays not that many people carry cash because of credit cards and debit cards, but there is a vast number of places in Washington D.C. that only take cash, specially the delicious tiny restaurants!. Some other helpful tips when visiting Washinton D.C. is don't take cabs or any transportation besides the subway. The Subway is the most convinient and easiest way to get around and it is also extremely cheap. It takes you to all of the most important places and after you get off at the stop, it is at most a couple of blocks away. These tips may be helpful, but the most important one is to always have fun! Traveling is fun and always exciting because it allows us to see and experience new things. Washington D.C. is a great place to visit because of how beautiful it is and all of the histoy behind the place.