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My Favorite Hobby

My friend and I at Warped Tour 2012
My friend and I at Warped Tour Music
Festival this past summer

My favorite hobby is going to music festivals and concerts. Ever since I went to my first concert when I was eight years old, I fell in love with the exciting and fun atmosphere that a concert has to offer. Concerts bring a fan base together and allows us to enjoy seeing our favorite artists performing our favorite songs. I have gone to multiple music festivals and they are always a lot of fun, and every year I learn something new.

Music festivals are usually an entire day or sometimes even two days, which allows for even more artists to play. The atmosphere of live shows is always extremely lively and different every year, which is why I love going back. Music has always been a passion of mine, which is why I have always gone to so many concerts. Seeing my favorite bands perform is always exciting and I always have so much fun enjoying a day with good friends, good music and an amazing experience.

What is Warped Tour?

Warped Tour festival is a one day event that takes place during the summer of every year. The festival travels all across the United States in the summer with over 50 bands that play every day in different stages.

We The Kings Concert in Ft.Lauderdale, Florida
A photo I took of Travis Clark,
the lead singer of We The Kings
This is my favorite music festival because its an entire day of great music, sunny weather and it allows you to interact with some of your favorite bands easily. There are about five stages that are located all around the field. Fans can just walk from stage to stage and see the band that is performing. Besides just music, there is also food and tents set up with activities and merchandise. Every summer, this is what I look forward to the most because I get to hang out with my best friends while enjoying really amazing live entertainment.


I enjoy concerts because it is one thing to just listen to an album or a song while you are home, driving your car or while working out, but it is a completely different experience when you actually get to experience it in person. Taking photographs at concerts can be challenging because the artist is constantly moving, but I am always up for the challenge. I like to remember these shows, which is why I have an entire wall in my room dedicated to live show photography. Taking pictures at concerts is really exciting and can be really fun as well. I am able to share the best photographs with other fans by posting them on Facebook or on a website created specifically for photography such as Flickr.