Phillip's Hobbies

... to just pass the time.

What do I do?

A Picture for me
Me playing basketball in Istanbul

I would consider myself a pretty athletic person for the most part.My favorite hobbies mostly involve sports. I particularly enjoy playing basketball.

Growing up, I used to play every day and pretend I was Larry Bird. Unfortunately, my skills never developed enough for me to play beyond high school, so now I spend more time watching sports than actually playing them.

One sport I do still play pretty often other than basketball is ultimate frisbee. For some reason, it seems like everyone in Gainesville enjoys throwing the frisbee around, and it has really started to grow on me.

I also enjoy going to the beach. Jacksonville has plenty of beaches nearby, so I spent a lot of my time there when I was growing up. Living in Gainesville has made me grow to miss it being just around the corner.

Another cool thing Jacksonville has is the Jacksonville Zoo. I am a big animals person, so I try and go there once every few months. Giraffes are by far my favorite animal.

A Picture for me
Me feeding a giraffe