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Stephanie Wolfson

My Passion

Journalism has always been my passion. I have never compromised my abilities and ambition in pursuing this passion. In my freshman year of high school, I joined my high school publication, “The Eagle’s Eye.” Before long, my interest in writing evolved into a fascination with the Journalism field. In longing to learn multiple aspects of Journalism, from writing to editing, through layout and design, I was determined to start from scratch.

I utilized the knowledge I gained in my high school Journalism class to complement my vision to create a newspaper at my Religious School. This would not only give something back to the religious school community, but it would provide an outlet of expression for the students in grades four to nine. Furthermore, I would become a well-rounded Journalist, and apply these skills back into my high school class.

Without a moment to spare, during my freshman year, fall 2001, I founded “The Little Light.” The true endeavor was finding a dedicated staff of writers. With all new projects, the first volume of the paper had significant room for improvement, which was just the learning experience I yearned for. By my sophomore year, “The Little Light” had become an integral part of the religious school. I was able to produce a bimonthly paper. More importantly, it is something the students are eager to read.

Additionally, thanks to modern technology, while at the University of Florida, I am staying connected with “The Little Light.” Although I have passed the role of Editor on, I act as the Layout Editor for the newspaper. I learned managerial, layout, writing, and editing skills, which I have applied to my recent endeavors at UF.

On campus, I noticed that a large group of freshmen Journalists, many of whom were past editors of their high school publications, longed to re-immerse themselves in a high school-like writing environment. Starving for a medium to release their talents, I took it upon myself to meet their needs. I have formed a Journalism club for freshman Journalism majors, called “The Newsies,” and we create an online magazine for UF underclassmen to enjoy. Moreover, it brings people with similar interests together.

For me to receive a full sense of gratification from an undertaking, like the publications I founded, it must be community-service based. I would like to pursue a career in Journalism because I know that communication is an indispensable tool. There will always be a writer, somebody wishing to relay a message or to express themselves. As long as this hunger for an exchange of ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and knowledge is apparent, I would like to continue working in this field. In highlighting my career goals, it would be of utmost importance to reach a new audience and to find writers who desire an outlet for expression, just like I did in high school with “The Little Light” and the project I have initiated at UF, “The Newsies.