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I am a sophomore at the University of Florida. I am majoring in journalism and seeking a minor in business. This is my first year living off campus. A simple five-minute stroll to class when living in the residence halls has turned into a 30-minute bus drive. The bus is not bad, for I usually bring a book. However, the bus drivers tend to be crazy.

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In the short time I have been riding the bus I already have numerous anecdotes about my travels. Day one on the bus began like any other. Yet, at the third stop, the driver left the bus. All passengers confused, we waited patiently for him to return. He had moseyed into the forest of trees by a bus stop. After five minutes of exchanging "is this really happening" glances with fellow passengers, I was debating waiting for a different bus. Just then, the bus driver returned, smelling of smoke. One can only assume.

If that story wasn't weird, I have more. To my knowledge, a bus is supposed to take you from point A to point B, and usually in a quiet atmosphere, as not to disturb fellow passengers. However, bus 35 was far from ordinary. I brought a book to read, but I soon realized that I would not be able to concentrate because the bus driver was noisy. She had created a song to sing at each "stop requested." It was catchy, creative, and entertaining the first eight times, but once I memorized her song, it became irritating. Well, it could have been worse, she could have smelled!

My classes seem inter-related this semester, which I'm hoping will prove beneficial. The book assignment in my Fact Finding class, Search, has many concepts addressed in the lab of Communications on the Internet. I am also taking Marketing and Statistics which share similar motifs. You wouldn't be able to know what the consumer wants if statistics of demographics were not computed. I am also taking Russian Fairytales. I have no previous knowledge of Russian, but this class will help me become a cultured literature reader- to help my writing.

I am the President of a student organization on campus, the Newsies. I founded it last year with a friend. The club creates an online magazine for University of Florida undergraduates, by University of Florida undergraduates. It is geared toward underclassmen. We upload every three weeks. The Newsies brings people with similar interests together.

We have a Web Editor for the Newsies, but I hope to understand more about CSS and html after this class. We use Movable Type which is an easy program for beginning web design. I am familiar with Adobe Photoshop from my newspaper class in high school. I recently created a blog for the Newsies too. I see the trend toward electronic journalism and I want to have the knowledge and skills to embrace it!

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