The following were all written by me for classes at the University of Florida:

MMC2100 - Writing for Mass Communication
These articles were all written in AP style for class. In class we were given sheets with information and quotes on it. For our assignments we had to pick what information to use, and write the articles ourselves. However, for the article on the sinkhole at Paynes Prairie, our assignment was to do an entire article ourselves. For that article I gathered research, did interviews, and wrote the story.
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POS2041 - American Federal Government
This paper was written about the changes in our federal government past, present and future caused by the increasing Hispanic population.
ENC1102 - Arguement & Persuasion
This paper was written on the minimum wage. The paper argues that raising the minimum wage does not help the poor.
ENC2210 - Technical Writing
Our assignment was to write a formal letter to someone to complain about something. I chose to write a letter to TVGuide about their TVGuide Channel.