Here is a list of Web sites that I visit nearly every day:


Google : By now there aren't many people who haven't heard about google. I don't even remember the URLs of many sites any more, I just go to google every time. Their site has become way more than just a search engine. Even though they don't use meta keywords or descriptions, I still love them.


The University of Florida : It's a well designed site, which is good because I need to use many of it's services every day.


IGN : I really like the design of this site. If you want to find out anything about new movies, games, or hardware, you can probably find it here. I love the layout with scrolling headlines and a slide show of the days biggest stories.


Dictionary.com : I don't know what I would do without this site. I'm not a very good speller, and I probably use this site about 5 times a day. They also added a thesaurus for when you just can't think of that word.


IMDB : Anything you ever wanted to know about movies and television. You can easily look up actors, upcoming titles, and quotes from movies.

boing boing

Boing Boing : A directory of Wonderful Things. It's easy to waste tons of time on this website. They have great stories about interesting things in pop culture, normally with a link to the original story.