I am a third year advertising major at the University of Florida. I have taken or am enrolled in the following advertising classes:
ADV3000 - Elements of Advertising
ADV3001 - Advertising Strategy
ADV3203 - Intro to Advertising Design and Graphics
MMC2100 - Writing for Mass Communication
MMC3260 - Communication on the Internet

My current schedule of classes at the University of Florida:

ADV3203 M W F 11:45-12:35 FLG 220
MMC3260 M W 12:50-1:40 NPB G030
W 5:10-6:55 WEIM 2056
ADV3001 T 8:30-9:20 WEIM G030
R 8:30-10:25
ENC2210 T 10:40-11:30 NRN 166
R 10:40-12:35