Brent Walbolt

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About Me
My name is Brent Walbolt, I'm 21 years old and was born on July 4th 1985. I was born the younger of two boys to my parents Margo and Tom.

My brother, Keith, 23, also attended the University of Florida. He got his geography degree from the University of Florida and has a job working with maps in Gainesville.

University Lutheran Church

My brother and I are both very involved with the University Lutheran Church. We are currently trying to raise funds for a mission trip to Costa Rica to work with the indigenous peoples there.

I am a sophomore at UF and recently switched my major from Management to Advertising. This is my second semester as an Advertising major, and I am just starting with my core Advertising classes.

I have always been interested in Photoshop and HTML. When I was younger, I had an internship where I got a chance to learn even more about Photoshop. Also, for a few years now I have been experimenting with HTML and Web design. I have taken some classes, but for the most part I am self taught.

Me Windsurfing

I currently am looking for an internship opportunity for this summer. I would like an opportunity to work with Photoshop and HTML at an advertising internship. My qualifications can be seen here.

In my spare time, I like to hang out with my friends, listen to music and attend concerts, play video games, kayak, swim, and windsurf.