The Grand Tour- Pacific Coast of the Unitd States

After Vegas, my parents and I headed to Southern California. Since we took a while to get over to the Pacific, we decided to head a little north of San Diego to a small town called Ocean City. We parked the camper and headed over to the coast just in time to get a glimpse of the ocean during sunset. With the ocean attitude and fresh seafood, Ocean City reminded me a lot of my hometown of Stuart only with a more Mediterranean climate. The day after, we traveled north toward Los Angeles where we would pick up my sister, Leslie, who was flying in from a wedding in New York. I got to test my surfing skills at Huntington Beach Pier, and my parents got to see the Crystal Cathedral. My second cousin lives off of Sunset Boulevard, so he gave us a tour of the Chinese Theatre and downtown L.A.

After we picked Leslie up from the airport, we headed north toward San Francisco and stopped to tour the Hearst mansion and Sonoma’s wine country along the way. We stayed three days in the San Francisco area. We took a walking tour of the hilly and surprisingly cool city, ate a lot of seafood, walked up the streets of Chinatown and Little Italy, and tasted the goods of Napa Valley. From there, it was to the Redwood National Forest and then into Oregon. Fourth of July was spent on the coast, and then we buzzed up through Washington to Seattle. We spent a few days enjoying the unusually good weather, Pike’s Place Market, the Space Needle, and everything else about the city.