The Grand Tour- Homepage

In the summer of 2005, my family left for the adventure of our lives. We had been planning our trip around the country for almost 10 years. With my dadís new job and raise, now was the time. With a 20-foot Trail Lite camper, a GNC utility van, and a canoe strapped on the top of it, my mom, Jackie, dad, Gary, and I, Katie, left Stuart, Florida in search of adventure. Our original plan was to cross the country and arrive in southern California in a month. From there, we would travel up the Pacific coast of America for three more weeks. Once we arrived in Seattle, we were to board a cruise ship and float to Juneau, Alaska and other cities along the way. After the cruise, we planned to visit Yellowstone National Park then head west toward Mount Rushmore. After that, we figured we would have a week left until my parents had to return to work (they are high school teachers), so we would book it back toward Stuart.

We should have known not everything would go as planned. Check out the multiple legs of our journey to see what actually happened and the sights we saw on the way.