The Grand Tour- Alaskan Cruise

We picked up my brother-in-law, Steve, in Seattle and the next day we boarded the cruise ship. It was the only time we didn’t stay in our camper, and the roomy showers were a nice change. We headed straight to Juneau, Alaska, where we took a biking tour to a glacier and then to the Alaskan Brewing Company. The next day we docked in Skagway, Alaska, where we took a train into the mountains. Afterwards, we took a tour of the city’s infamous brothel district. The next day, we headed back south through a passage carved by glaciers called Tracy’s Arm. Ketchikan, Alaska, was where we woke up the next morning. There we went fishing for Dungeness crabs, and feasted on 8 whole ones between the five of us. Victoria, British Columbia, was our final stop. We saw street performers and ate the most delicious gelato during the few hours we spent there. The next day, we were back in Seattle, and our Alaskan adventure was over.