My Vacation to Canada

The majestic falls


I would have to say the best place I've ever traveled to, so far, would be my recent trip to Canada. My mother, brother and I went to the Canada side of Niagara Falls for a couple of days and then spent a few days up in Toronto. We made this trip during summer break of 2006, towards the beginning of July. As a whole, the trip was a lot of fun, and we got to see a lot of cool things in both Niagara Falls and in Toronto. Canada was a little bit different from the United States--but not by much. The money took a little bit to get used to as the conversion was a little confusing.

One Cool Fact

A nice thing about Canada was that the drinking age was 19, and I was 20 at the time of our trip. This was a nice change from the States and it was really nice to be able to just kick back and have a few drinks with my family. Furthermore, I was able to get into the casinos on the strip in Niagara Falls, as the age limit to get in was also 19. Though the drinking age was lower, they don't just seel beer or liquor in any store. They are sold instead in restaurants or in government stores that regulate it a bit more. After returning home to the U.S., I was a little bummed out that the legal age was once again 21.

A view from the top of the CN Tower, through a glass floor

Sights and Experiences

As far as the sightseeing and overall experience were concerned, I really enjoyed Niagara Falls and Toronto. The falls were breathtaking on first view and had a kind of charm, majesty and power when you looked at them. The entertainment in Niagara was really nice as well, though we usually spent our nights just hanging out at a restaurant and taking in the atmosphere.

Toronto reminded me of a less stressful, smaller New York City. It had a lot of culture and different things to do. A highlight was seeing all of the different parts of the city that represented different cultures--including Italy, China, Japan and others. Overall the trip was a lot of fun, and I could definitely see myself visiting there again in the future.