Me in my getup from the Gainesville Medieval fair

A Small Glimpse Into My Life

This page strives to offer a brief, yet interesting, look into some of the aspects of my life. The object depicted in the top left of the page is the Nintendo Wii video-game system. The reason I chose this as a graphic for my Web site is that, to me, it represents the future of video games and entertainment.

The system aims to be very innovative: with unique controllers and games that will hopefully bring gaming more mainstream. The fact that it represents the future is important because I am very interested in video-game, as well as entertainment, journalism and I'm very excited about upcoming offerings and developments in the field.

Me and my good friends at Perkins for a late-night snack

Though I started as a digital-arts-and-sciences major, in the College of Engineering, I eventually realized that what I wanted to do was write about games and other entertainment, not do the complicated work that goes into much of this area. As such, I ended up studying journalism and have been enjoying it ever since.

I hope you enjoy this, my first Web site, and find it interesting and perhaps a bit entertaining. Feel free to use the "Contact" link to send me any comments or feedback you may have.