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Here are some of the funny things my friends and I (and sometimes our teachers) said on my study abroad trip in England. These were good times! Picture of My Friends
L to R: Amanda, Bill, Me, Josh
  1. "Let's take a picture in our pants!" -Me
  2. "Don't worry, we won't bang you because it's geography." -Bill
  3. "I hate sleeping because you don't know what you're doing when you're sleeping." -Me
  4. "Is that an esophagus?" -Me "You mean sarcophagus?" -Bill
  5. "I tried to sleep, then read." -Bill "On the train...the plane...the bus?" -Me
  6. "You are funny and fun." -Bill
  7. "Raise your hand if you have a Y chromosome!" -Bill "That's me right?" -Me, two minutes later
  8. (Five minutes after Dr. Giles informed the bus he was gay) "Wait...did Giles just say he was gay?" -Rachel
  9. "I want to be the navigator." -Me
  10. "Mentos stop cramps." -Me
  11. "No...I got "hard" again." -Josh, while we were playing the game Password
  12. "That's not what it's for..." -Me, in reference to Josh's comment on underwear
  13. "Go me!" -Me
  14. "Poop!" -Bill
  15. "Dirty whore!" -Josh, referring to me when I stole a sip of his water. "I think that was a bit harsh..." -J. Davis
  16. "Did you know him?" -J. Davis, in reference to Zach's comment on Napoleon
  17. "I can't believe the plot of this movie was Superman's baby mama drama." -Rachel
  18. "Wer ist deiner Vater?" English translation: Who's your daddy? -Josh "Yeah. Wait, what?" -Amanda
  19. (In his Kaiser Wilhelm voice) "If it looks like an alliance, smells like an alliance, then it must be an alliance!" -S. Lang, in reference to the 1904 Anglo-French Entente and Kaiser Wilhelm's landing at Morocco
  20. "The Empire was based on bluff." -S. Lang, in reference to decolonization
  21. "...or whatever you think he's Thatcher's left overs...just warmed up." -V. Barbary, in reference to Tony Blair
  22. "If that is pronounced "cumry" then my name's Cheese Biscuit." -V. Barbary, in reference to Welsh named national party PLAID CYMRU
  23. "As you can imagine, Catholics are not happy bunnies." -V. Barbary
  24. "...another popular method was withdrawal, also known by its Latin name: coitus interruptus." -M. Abbott
  25. "Dirty whore." -Josh "No. Not in Europe." -Rachel
  26. "...you don't make it all the way to the end of the line. You get off at the one before." -M. Abbott, in reference to withdrawl
  27. "This is not to scale, obviously." -M. Abbott, in reference to a very large drawing of a diaphragm on the board
  28. "He had the charisma of a small, squashed fly, really." -V. Barbary
  29. "Is Josh with you?" -Me "No." -Amanda (I look around frantically) "I lost Josh!" -Me "Ashley, how do you use a 6 foot tall, sick boy?" -Amanda "I don't know, but I have his money!" -Me

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