Early Travels

When I was in kindergarten, my dad and I took a month long trip to the Philippines. The flight was 24 hours long. I don't have a great memory of this experience, but my dad has always told me that I was very well behaved during the entire flight. And so began my love for going places.

new york city

U.S. Favorites

I have been to many place in the United States but nothing beats the big cities. Some of my favorites are Washington D.C., Chicago, Atlanta and Miami. But my favorite has to be New York City. The shopping, busy streets, food, shows, atmosphere and sites are all incredible. The first time I saw the Big Apple I made sure to sightsee as much as possible. I visited the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Times Square and the famous deli that serves mile-high pastrami sandwiches. The second time I went was purely for shopping, food, and broadway shows. My dream is to live in NYC one day (hopefully with an amazing PR job!).

European Escapades

spain During my junior year in high school, I traveled to Spain with 30 classmates and teachers. We went on tours through big cities like Madrid and smaller towns like Salamanca. My favorite town was Cordoba. We took a tour through an old castle that had a rose garden maze in the backyard. It was amazing. I personally preferred touring the smaller towns in Spain because the sites were beautiful and unique. The sites in the bigger cities like Madrid and Barcelona felt more "touristy" and commerical.


While most college students were prancing in bathing suits on the beach, I was in 30 degree weather during my 2005 Spring Break in London. I had the time of my life! London has some amazing sites and history. Many have the impression that London is a dark, foggy and dreary place. At times it may be foggy, but London's atmosphere is very warm and inviting. The food isn't all that great but my experience there outways the fish and chips. I can't wait to go back!

Future Plans

This Christmas I will be going to Tahoe with my boyfriend and his family. I am sure this will be an interesting trip because I have never gone skiing before. Nevertheless, I am super excited. Immediately after Tahoe, my mom, sister and I will be in France and London for ten days. Next summer I hope to go backpacking around Europe.