Whether it's reminicing about places I have been or places I plan to visit, traveling is always on my mind. As a child I grew up in a family that loved to travel. We would often takes road trips to the mountains, or out west to Texas. Now that I am in college, I make sure to jump on any chance I have of seeing new places. I can have my bags packed in less than ten minutes.

The States

My extended family lives all over the US. One of my favorite places to visit is nothern Georgia. I also enjoying seeing my family in New Hampshire. Both places offer such a differnt terrain from the flat, swampy lands of Florida. When visiting I really enjoy all the outdoor activties such as boating on Lake Winnipesaukee, NH, or riding the snow mobiles on the same lake in the winter. Recently, I made a road trip with some friends to Key West. Experiencing the culture of sunny south Florida was entertaining. Meeting people and learning about different regional characteristics is one of the best aspects about traveling.

Foriegn Lands

I first traveled out of the country right after high school with a group of students from my school. We explored the famous sites of Spain for two weeks. I took Spanish for four years in high school, so the trip was a great experience. The next time I left the country was a short trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico, with my friend Catherine afer our freshman year of college. This past summer my parents and I traveled to Montreal, Canada, for a week. Then, right after I got back, I went to study in Florence, Italy, for six weeks. Studying abroad has been one of the best choices I have made in college, and I highly recommend it to everyone. In every city I explored in Italy the people were so friendly, and the food was pheonominal. Sadly, I had to leave Italy, but I was lucky enough to end my summer with a vacation to the Bahamas. I stayed at the Atlantis Hotel with my best friend and her family. Next summer, my plans are to study for two weeks in Berlin, Germany, with a group of photojournalists from my college.