I was born on the first day of spring, March 20th, of 1986. I have hardworking and loving parents, Jim and Charlotte. I grew up with my older brother Jim, who has four more years of life experience than me. Ever since I can remember, we have lived in the same house in Winter Park, Fla. I had a great childhood filled with a variety of sports teams I played on over the years. Lacrosse will always be my favorite sport I have played. I miss my family a lot, especially my dog Annie.


This now my third year at the University of Florida, and I am starting to feel old! My major has always been photojournalism with a minor in business administration. As a sophomore, I joined the Greek system and became a sister of Alpha Chi Omega. Never having a sister in my family, I am so blessed to have that bond with so many lovely young women now. For about a year now, I have worked on campus at Video Services learning about the new waves of technology. Activities and classes aside, the best part about UF is cheering on the football team in the Swamp. I wouldn't have college any other way.

Just for Fun

When I'm not stressed about classes and work, I love taking it easy. Most of my free time is spent by the pool either with my friends or boyfriend, Matthew. Doing an variety of crafts always keeps me occupied as well. Painting with watercolors allows me to express my creative side. My other hobbies include photography and road trips. Due to my love for photography, one of my favorite Web sites that I recommend to everyone is The Week in Pictures by MSNBC. These photos not only inspire my passion of photography, but also brighten my week.