It wasn't necessarily photography that was my first love but just images in general. I truly believe that an image is worth a thousand words, probably more. The reason for that is that images say more to people than words because, unfortunately, people need to see things to believe it. This is why I chose to study photojournalism. I know that through that field I could help make a difference in the world.

I recently started working at the Independent Florida Alligator as a freelance photographer. I usually spend all my days looking for interesting things around campus and the city to take pictures and report on. It is really giving me the experience that I need and it's making me more passionate about the field and my potential.

Joel Mora / Alligator
Rabbi Berl Goldman wraps third-year law student A.J. Horowitz with tefillin near the Reitz Union. The leather boxes containing scriptural passages are worn by Jewish men in prayer every day but Saturday.
This is my first published picture. I hold it very dear to my heart.