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My picture of Times Square

Since the time I learned of musicals and shopping, I had wanted to visit the magnificent city of New York. To see Broadway, Times Square, the Empire State Building, the New York City Library, Ellis Island and Fifth Avenue meant everything to me.

I finally got the opportunity to visit the Big Apple in June 2005 as my graduation present from my family. From the moment we entered the city in our SUV, I was completely enthralled, my nose stuck to the glass as I took everything in.

We spent three days in a hotel on Broadway Avenue. We were within walking distance of Times Square, Fifth Avenue, and most of the Broadway theatres. While in NYC, I got to see my favorite musical, Wicked; visited MTV Studios and the Virgin Megastore in Times Square; stood atop the Empire State Building; rode the infamous subway; took picture after picture of Radio City Music Hall and Rockefeller Center; and visited the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. We even were in town at the same time as the Tony Awards, and we got to stand outside Radio City Music Hall and spot stars entering on the red carpet.

I was so impressed with the sheer vertical size and multitude of people. The city was so alive at every moment. I never imagined Central Park could be so big, that so many cabs could exist in one place; that Sax Fifth Avenue sold purses starting at $1,000. It was such an incredible experience, one I hope to someday repeat.