Nice to Meet You

The Wonder Years


I was born 23 years ago in Pensacola, Florida. Immediately after my arrival, my family moved out to Southern California and we lived there for the next 18 years. My childhood was normal. I am an only child, so sometimes it got lonely, but what I lacked in a sibling I made up for with books and imaginary friends. Throughout school I was a bit of a nerd and my favorite hobbies were reading and writing. OK, who am I fooling? I was and still am a really big nerd. You know the kind. I had big glasses, messy hair and was glued to a Judy Blume paperback as a kid. I may have spent an excessive amount of time reading books, but if anyone knows how to use a library it is me. While I may have gotten contacts and my hair is a bit more neat(some would argue that point), my favorite hobbies still remain the same.

I want to be a ?????? when I grow up

With hobbies like mine it would be blindingly obvious to most what my future career would be. Sadly, it was not obvious to me and I spent the time until I was 20 not knowing what I wanted to be. Like most college students, when faced with the future I decided instead to take a nap and avoided choosing my major until the very last second. The very last second. It was actually an accident that I stumbled across journalism. I wrote an opinion piece for my school paper on a whim. At the time, I was soldiering through an archaeology class that I thought might jump-start an interest in a career in archaeology. I was not aware that this solitary article would change the course of my college career. A bit dramatic? Certainly, but absolutely true. The opinion piece was published and after a few more pieces I was approached by the school newspaper's editor to fill the opinion editor position. The rest is history. I changed my major to print journalism and continued working on the school newspaper, later on as the features editor. After graduating in 2005, I decided to come to the University of Florida for my graduate degree.

2007 A.G. (After Graduation)


It was hard enough the first time around to figure out what field I wanted to get a degree in. Now the question is what job do I want to get when I graduate. The simple truth is that I am not really sure what jobs are out there, let alone what I want to do. Every family get together since I began my graduate degree has been full of aunts and uncles asking me questions about what I want to do when I graduate and jokes about how I can not hide from a real job by going to school forever. In a way they are right, but I am confident when the time is right I will find the right job.