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Reasons For Collecting

Perhaps this bad habit of collecting all the figures in a set, attaining all the limited edition soundtracks, and hunting rare promotional items is something of a "youthful infatuation". Young people in my age group are definitely more willing to throw down money for instant gratification. Sometimes I can be an impulsive shopper but I still consider my self conservative in money usage. I take my time to wait, watch and bargain. This hobby tries the patience, and the wallet. Since most of these products are released exclusively in Japan, importing them is often half the cost. All the little figures I have standing on my desk will probably not be worth much in the future. I do not regret getting them though. Those items are artsy, modern and traditional all at once. It's fascinating.

As with most collecting-type hobbies, the items can be viewed as trash ot treasure. For now, they serve as a sense of happiness. I appreciate the arts and even though many of the products are mass produced, alot of time and effort went into creating the first one. Whether it was the careful details in a figure or the music on a brand new soundtrack, I find it all very satisfying to know the amount of dedication the makers put into something that I love. I don't doubt that some of the more rare items will be worth quite some money in the future so there are benefits to this.

Figure whole body view Figure accessories Figure with accessories
This is the newest figure in my collection, Sora.