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My parents immigrated to the United States 20 years ago from China. I was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1987. I spent most of my childhood there, immersed in the diverse cultures New York City had to offer. In the summer of 1997, our family moved down to Miami, Florida to join my uncles and their families. Growing up in New York and having traditional parents helped cultivate an interest in my native culture. I am pursuing this interest in Asian culture by minoring in E. Asian Studies. My love of Japanese culture seems to stem naturally from this. One of the things on my "Things to Do Before You Die" list is to visit Japan and Korea. I have already been back to China several times to visit my grandparents.

I am from a lower-middle class family. I am also a college student. Therefore, no, I am not rich. My hobbies consists of reading, watching anime, listening to Japanese music and playing video games. Unfortunately, most of them are rather costly hobbies. Well, one can't help what they love.