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University Scholars Project

Shifting back to the topic of studies, this year, 2006, I submitted a project idea to the University Scholars Project (USP) at UF and was accepted! The USP is a very prestigious award and I’ve loved working on it. I am working with Professor Terry Harpold, one of the best teachers I’ve ever had the honor of learning from. My project deals with looking at role-playing games through a performance theory lens and studying the relationship between the moderator of the game and bridging the realities between the gaming and real world. Sounds complicated, which it is somewhat, but it’s a lot of fun to study though very intense. I just returned from a trip to Dragon-Con, the largest sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, and what not convention in the Southeast. The convention took place from September 1st-4th. That was a lot of fun and a huge boon to my project with the contacts I was able to establish with some important figures in the gaming industry. I love my project work; just it is quite hard to balance life, school, and the project all together. But it is worth the experience.

Here's a few links related to the USP:

University Scholars Program – The main UF page for the USP.

Terry Harpold – The Page for my professor/mentor on the USP.

Journal of Undergraduate Resreach – JUR, where my paper will be published once I’ve finished.