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A Gatormouse's Mousehole - Home

Me! Sorta.

An English Major’s Rambling Story

Welcome to my little web page. My name is Chris Harper and I’m currently an English major at the University of Florida in my senior year. I’m considering what to do with my life after undergraduate school, with an eye towards getting a Masters in Library Sciences to become a librarian. But to me that’d just be a day job so I could work on my real passion of writing. I’m also currently part of the University Scholars Project here at UF, a prestigious scholarship designed to help undergraduates do a bit of their own research and present their findings.

These are just a few bits about my current life and only scratch the surface of my personal life story as well as identity. This space is a way of sharing important parts of my life and identity with others, hopefully in an interesting and ascetically pleasing way. Take a look around and find out a bit more about me.

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