Just for fun...

During the hecticness, there are always things I would rather be doing.

Water Polo

In 9th grade, I went to my friend Josh's water polo game. I had never swam competitively or even thought about playing a sport, but I went out for the girl's team the next year and got sucked into the game. It's a mix between soccer and basketball in the water. Players are only allowed to use one hand to maneuver the ball and must either swim or tread water throughout the 28-minute game. The SBHS 2003 girl's team made it all the way to the county finals, a first for our school in years!

Gone Fishin

My parents always used to fish when I was younger and I always absolutely hated it. The bait smelled awful, the fish were slick and slimey and I was always afraid I'd get stuck with the hook. Since then, I've been fishing a few more times and even though I'm still learning, I consider it a hobby-in-progress.

Right Brained

I guess I could say that the "stresses" of college has sparked my recent interests in artsy things. Last Christmas, my 12-year-old cousin brought these beautiful hand-knitted scarves as gifts, and she totally motivated me to teach myself. Its very theraputic and everytime I make something for someone else, I end up wanting to keep it for myself. My friend Christie is an avid painter, and once she got me to pick up a paintbrush, I was hooked. I like to take photos of plants and flowers and transfer them to canvas.