My family is BIG! My father is one of eight children, and each of my aunts and uncles have large families as well. I have more than 50 cousins, some I've never even met before. My mother has 5 sisters, making the other side of the family just as expansive!

My Parents

My mom, Lesa, hails from Bunnell, Florida. She works at my high school as a receptionist for one of the vice principals. She is great at what she does and students know to go see Mrs. Colliflower if they ever need assistance, advice or an open ear. I was lucky to have my mom work so close by.

My dad, Geoff, is a court reporter in Dade and Broward County. He was born in West Virginia but grew up in Miami, Florida. He likes to cook and barbeque and he's always up to date with the latest technological gadgets. He's been there for me every step of the way.


I am the second of four kids. My older sister Courtney is 29 years old, married and is expecting her first child (my first nephew!) any day now. She teaches first grade at Hollywood Hills Elementary School. My younger sister Chelsey is 19 and a new fellow Gator, studying to be a teacher as well. Casey is my 18-year-old younger brother and amazing swimmer and water polo player. Now that we are all older, we are much closer to one another.

Christmas is my favorite holiday, and I think the rest of my family would say the same. It's a yearly tradition that we all decorate the entire house and put ornaments on our tree. Christmas is always one of the happiest times of the year together for the whole family.