I am a junior at the great University of Florida, majoring in Journalism and minoring in Business Administration.

High School

I spent four amazing years at South Broward High School where I was proud to be a bulldog! I was a member of the marching band for three years, and drum major during my junior year. I also played water polo and served as team captain during the 03-04 school year. I was lucky to have some of the best teachers I could have asked for, each of whom touched my life in different ways. My high school days were great thanks to Ms. Andersen, Mr. Palevich, Coach Val, Mrs. Eichner, Mrs. Price, Ms. Lee and others.

Present and Future

Now that I am in my third year at UF, more and more people have been asking the one dredded question that drives me insane. "So, what are your plans after college?" The true answer is that I'm not exactly sure yet. And when people hear that as a response, I get the "look." The one that says, "What the heck have you been doing these past three years?!" My hope (and plan) is that I will magically fall into a job that I love doing and get paid well to do it.

I didn't participate in any of the "journalistic" extracurriculars in high school, like the school paper or the yearbook, so a journalism degree seemed pretty unlikely for me. After taking Intro to Journalism with professor McKeen freshman year, I got really interested, and now I love it. Reporting class isn't the easiest this semester, but I like the challenge of writing on deadline and get a little thrill when I see my byline in print. My most recent publication was an article about hops fires in Washington state that jeopardized the beer market. It was my first front-page article so I was very excited! I am also pursuing a minor in Business Administration. In a world like ours, a background in business is indispensible.

I'd like to apply for law school somewhere in Florida after graduation and practice media law. But I also don't like the thought of having a strict path laid out for me. There's a certain excitement about letting life take me where it wants me to go.