flourescent pink stripes

My free time revolves around art, food, exercise, and travel. Recently, however, free time has cost a little more than nothing, making me wonder if it's free at all.

I grew up in a musical family and spent years honing my skills as a singer and pianist. Once I started college I started playing guitar and keys in a band called Edward the Bear. We gigged and grasped at passing delusions for almost 4 years before parting ways. Since then I took up the DJ mixer as a means to my musical end.

After studying film as an undergrad student I have spent far too many hours meticulously dissecting films. At times I wish I could just enjoy a mediocre film as pure entertainment. But a little voice in my head says that's why we have TV.

I also enjoy physically activity, because it just feels good. I used to be quite competitive, I even came pretty close to making Junior Nationals as a rower before college. Now, however, I just compete against myself.