Katie Blasewitz

12 October 2006


Research Proposal



Examining the Shift from Print Magazines to Online Magazines and the Emergence of Cyberjournalism


Although most students today are more than familiar with the Internet and have been avid users since a young age, many print journalism students aim their goals at working for print publications.  But with the shift of newspapers and magazines into an online format, it seems more students would be looking to become “cyber journalists.” 

            With the advent of blogs, almost anyone can voice their opinion online making credible journalistic resources difficult to find.  Because of this many new online magazines struggle to gain credibility with readers, making the shift from the printed word that much more difficult. Established print magazines that begin publishing online may have less difficulty keeping an audience, but magazines starting up on the Web (e-zines) can have a much more difficult time gaining the attention of potential readers. 

I will research the shift magazines are making from print to online formats by analyzing and conducting studies that compare content differences between the two mediums.  I will also explore the developing field of cyber journalism by reviewing studies that have measured journalism students’ interest in the field.

I hope to find that e-zines and cyberjournalism are on their way “in” and are here to stay.  I predict that more and more journalism students are becoming interested in a career as cyber journalists as more print magazines expand onto the Internet.