Boulder Falls

Welcome to Boulder Falls, Colorado!

The Boulder Falls (20 m / 66 ft high) are situated 11 mi west of Boulder, on the north side of Boulder Canyon Drive (SR 119). Canyon Drive connects Boulder with the City of Nederland.

The waterfall lies on a former mines area (approx. 20.000 square meters) which was once owned by a man named Charles G. Buckingham, the president of the former Buckingham Brothers Bank (now Norwest Bank).

Buckingham possessed the land from 1881 until 1914 when he donated it to the city of Boulder so that the beauty of the area could survive and the public could have access.

The Boulder Falls area is ideal for a short walk when you're on the way to Nederland, a small mountain town just west of the falls. Rock climbing is quite popular here, but proceed with caution because deadly accidents have been known to occur.

I visited the falls in December 2005 and loved how beautiful the falls looked in the winter. It was one of my favorite places on our trip because although most of the water was frozen, some still managed to escape, leaving the area quiet and serene.

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