I took my first airplane right when I was three months old. I was coming back home to the States after my mom travelled to Bogota to have me. Since that time, I have done a fair amount of traveling, though it has grown increasingly difficult to travel with the four kids.

US Travel

Within the United States, we have traveled to several States. We have visited California, where I still have family. From California, we have taken road trips to Nevada and Arizona. We have driven to Georgia and visited Savannah and Atlanta. We have also taken road trips to North Carolina, Washington, D.C., stopping to visit South Carolina and North Carolina on the way, and to Chicago, spending two days in Nashville on the way.

We recently visited New York City for the second time and had a very enjoyable time, doing the typical tourist activities. We saw The Producers, Mamma Mia and Shining City, starring Oliver Platt.

By far my favorite city in the States is Chicago. I have visited several times and would love to eventually live there, though I don't stand much of a chance fo convincing Erik to move to a city with a winter. My favorite restaurant in Chicago is Cafe Iberico. I recommend it to everyone.

International Travel

Our International travel includes Colombia, Panama, The Dominican Republic, Haiti, Canada, Paris, Greece and Croatia.

Colombia, where my siblings and I spent so many summers and where our cultural identities were born. Far from being the drug-infested wasteland that many Americans believe it is, Colombia is a beautiful, bio-diverse country, rich in natural resources, history, folklore and culture.

Among the many things that Americans probably do not know about Colombia is that it boasts one of the biggest gold meuseums, El Museo De Oro in the world, and that the Lasik techniques so common in the United States now, were pioneered at La Clnica Barraquer de America, in Bogota. (all information contained in the site is in Spanish)


In addition to our international travel, We have also taken two cruises. In December of 2000, we took a cruise of the Eastern Caribbean through Celebrity Cruises. Unfortunately, nobody warned us that travelling to San Juan, St. Thomas and St. Maarten on the choppy December waters would make us all sicker than we had ever been before. All told, this was not one of our best experiences. The seas were much kinder to us when we took a Royal Caribbean cruise to Key West and Cozumel in August of 2005. We are currently planning a cruise to Alaska for 2007. Altough most people that take cruises thoroughly enjoy them, personally I prefer to fly or drive to my destination of choice. Maybe Alaska will change my mind.

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