Causes and Issues Close to my Heart

Breast Cancer

My mother was one of the strongest, most faith-filled people I have ever met. She touched many lives with her caring, affection and courage.

In 1989, at the age of 43, my mother was diagnosed with Inflammatory Carcinoma of the breast. Despite initial pessimism from her oncologist and her surgeon, my mother defied the odds, and with aggressive chemotherapy, surgery and radiation, she went into remission, a remission that gave to us six years of borrowed time.

In May of 1995, my mother's cancer returned. Despite equally aggressive treatment during this recurrence, the cancer could not be stopped. My mother died on February 4, 1996. She was 49.

monthly breast self exams and have yearly complete gynological examination. Women over forty should have yearly mammograms as well.

If you would like to make a donation toward cancer research, you can donate to, The American Cancer Society, or purchase the Breast Cancer stamp from the US Postal service. A percentage of the price of each stamp purchased is donated to cancer reasearch.

Multiple Sclerosis

In the Spring of 1996, my sister biked the MS 150 Bicycle Tour to raise funds for Mulitple Sclerosis research through the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. She rode 150 miles in two days and raised several hundred dollars.

MS is a devastating disease of the Central Nervous System that can manifest in a wide variety of symptoms. The prognosis is difficult to determine because every case is unique and even exacerbations in the same patient can vary widly in severity.

For more information on MS, please visit the MS society at Donations can be made at

Our Home Countries

I am from Colombia and my husband, Erik, is from Haiti. Both countries have suffered violence, corruption, political instability and the ravages of an unfortunately robust drug trade.

To learn more about the situation in both Colombia and Haiti, please visit Kevin Sites's Hotzone:



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