Mom and me

I was born in Bogota, Colombia, on Sunday, May 31, 1970. My parents were already living in California, and my mother and I returned to US when I was three months old.

My mother, father, little brother and I moved to Miami in 1973, and my sister was born there two years later.

Summers were always spent in Colombia, and we maintained very close ties to our family oversees and to our culture.

In 1986, at the age of 16, I met Erik, an 18-year-old colleg "man." Six years later, shortly after we both graduated with Bachelors of Arts from Florida International University, we got married and moved to Haiti. We lived in Port-au-Prince for six months, in the midst of a US-imposed economic embargo. We quickly realized that we were far too American and far too accustomed to small things like running water, electricity and working phones, and we moved back to Miami.

In late 1994, I made my first attempt to attend graduate school at the University of Florida. Having secured an apartment, established all utilities and made an appointment with a UF counselor, I was set to move on January 1, 1995. Life had other plans for me, and a double pink line let me know motherhood, rather than graduate school was in my immediate future. Apparently graduate school applications were a rather effective fertility treatment in my case, as three short-lived attempts at graduate school followed in the ensuing years. Ten years and three more children later, I finally made it to the University of Florida and my current Journalism degree program.


My life has been defined by my culture, my faith, my interests and above all else, by my role as a mother.

Growing up Latina

Growing up Catholic


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