My name is Mark. I always wished I had a cool name you could either make shorter or use a nickname for, but my Mom was pretty simple and gave all her sons one syllable names (Mark, Paul, and Frank; I'm the youngest).

I’m 20, but I feel like I should be a lot older. I guess I'm just mature for my age, but in the meantime I often feel like I want more.

I’m 100% Italian (well, Italian-American), and I lived in Stuart, Florida all my life. I moved to Gainesville to attend college in the Summer of 2004. (I can't believe that was two years ago

I switched majors a few times because I was confused as to what I should do in life. As a matter of fact, I am still confused; I just know now that there's no rush to find a career right out of college.

I love all kinds of music, blogging, playing the piano, typography, my iPod, Absolut ads, reading, striped polo shirts, bridges, and the color blue.

I hate mustard, olives, wasps, and ignorance.

...I just realized I didn't mention food! I love food. Especially Italian (of course), sushi, and pasta. I absolutely love pasta.

I don't know much about web design, and my CSS and XHTML might be a little rough around the edges. I tweak things until they look right, and a lot of the time there might be a better way but I just don't know about it yet. I apologize in advance.

If you want to know more about me, keep reading. Or you could always shoot me some email. I really enjoy recieving things from real people rather than spammers.