Pictured are just a few of my friends, I couldn't put everybody I would've liked to on the page, because there wasn't enough room. But anyway, I fit who I could and told a little bit about them.

This is Jessica, best friend since the sixth grade, and my roomie of two and a half years. We've been hanging out nonstop for about nine years now. Ask any of our friends and they'll tell you we're a package deal, where one of goes the other one is usually there too. Just watchout when we're together we have a tendency to be loud!

I have way to many pictures of the two of us for this page, so if you want to see more of us, click here.

This is my best friend Whitney. I practically lived with her my senior year of high school, and her mom fed me constantly. Some how our friendship survives the fact she is a Bucs fan and a 'Nole. She is about to get her AA and go to UCF. I don't see her nearly as much as I would like and miss her lots!

This is Jay, Henson, Brandon, and Butler. These boys kept me pretty busy last year with, camping, canoeing, poker, sofball, pig roasts & other parties, and going to clubs & bars. With the all the stuff we did, I'm not really sure how I got any school work done.

This is Brett, my favorite Kappa Sigma and friend since the third grade. He has what some people might call a freakishly good memory. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank him for his contribution to this website, the use of his digital camera.

What you didn't get enough? Don't worry I have a lot more random pictures for you to look at.

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