So you want to know more about me. Well, you've come to the right place.

My name is Lindsay Nicole Wilson and I'm twenty years old. I received my AA from Santa Fe Community College this past summer and I'm currently a photojournalism major and history minor at the University of Florida. I was born in Jacksonville, FL and raised in the small town of Eustis, FL. I was actually pretty involved in high school, I played golf, soccer, and swam. I was a member of student council, National Honor Society, the school paper and FCA. I also worked for the athletic directors of the school, so I helped out with a lot of sporting events. Although I loved growing up there, I would never move back. Thankfully, my parents moved to back to Jacksonville so I don't have to. I have only one sibling, a brother named Ryan. He is also a student at Florida and will be graduating this December. I love to go out with friends which can be bad because I am constantly procrastinating. On more than one occasion I've been called lazy, but I really don't think I'm that bad. I'm also not what you would call a morning person, but, because I have to get up for work at 7am I think I'm getting better. I really like sports but, I usually find college sports more entertaining than professional ones. My favorite sport to watch is football, I follow the Gators, obviously, and the Jacksonville Jaguars. I just recently quit my job at a medical supplies warehouse, and am working at the Student Financial Affairs Office in Criser. I'm sort of a neat freak and I'm also pretty handy. When I was younger I would follow my dad around help him fix things, so he taught me a lot.

All in all I'm just your typical college student.

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