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On the Road

Chris White on the road

Due to a restricting school and work schedule, many of Chris White's public appearances double as such things as errands and meals.

To make up for this, Bosche has undertaken a massive tour of the country. He will be stopping at every major woodland area meeting and greeting fellow monsters.

Fortunately, Chris White works at Wal-Mart on Archer Road in Gainesville, Florida. He can be reached there almost any afternoon of the week. And although Wal-Mart has refrained from endorsing any candidate, many employees have expressed what can be discribed as "a fleeting interest" in his run for presidency.

Similar words of encouragement gave Chris White the urge to run in 2004, aiming to create a more fun America.

Chris White also makes appearances every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on the University of Florida campus as he walks to and from classes.

Be sure to stop and chat politics with him when and where you see him to help us make a More Fun America.

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