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Help make a More Fun America

Do you feel that we should be living in a More Fun America?

So does Chris White. And that is why he feels he is best suited to be your next commander in chief.

There are a multitude of ways to help the campaign other than just spreading the word. We here at the committee to elect Chris White urge supporters to call their local talk radio stations, pretend to have a relevent question, and then make a quick reference to Chris White's campaign.

Considering that Chris White has not met any of the requirements to become president, the only way to get his name written-in on ballots is to take the fight into our own hands with guerilla tactics.

If you are having trouble convincing friends and neighbors to write-in Chris White on November 2, 2004, we have a few suggestions:

1. Ask them to imagine how funny it would be if comedians like John Stewart, Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly had to face the facts and see that their next president was a 22-year-old college student with a monster for a vice president! If that doesn't make for a More Fun America, then what does?

2. Ask, "do you really think a kid and a monster could be any worse?"

If that doesn't change your dissenting neighbors' views, accuse them of being the boring, old people that they are!

Looking to donate money to the campaign? Well, you can't.

Due to pesky campaign finane reforms, Chris White cannot legally accept your political donations; however, there is no law against tipping a potential candidate for no reason.

Basically, anything you can do to get others to write-in Chris White and Bosche on November 2 helps the next great American revolution. We're confident that if enough people learn about our campaign, more and more people will help push for a More Fun America.

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