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Gop met his best friend, Jeni, when she was just a wee lassie. Her energy, wit, and humor caught the attention of this dragon who had spent centuries hiding from her species. But since she found she didn't always get along with her own species any better then Gop, they quickly became the best of friends.

She has aged over the years, but not necessarily "grown up." She is a senior at the University of Florida and majors in Public Relations.She hopes to graduate and work in the non- profit sector of PR so she can work with wildlife and national parks.

Lawton is the graduate on the left. He is Jeni's boyfriend and best friend.They met through work several years ago and have been inseperable ever since.

Lawton graduated in 2003 with a degree in exercise and sports sciences from the University of Florida. He hopes to be a personal trainer and is currently looking for a job.So if you know anybody...

These are Jeni's siberian huskies. The big grey one is the boy named Danny Wuerfful, the smaller black one is named Hershey.

The dogs own the house and do what they want. But when you look that cute, you tend to get away with stuff.

This little tortoise shell kitty was screaming at the top of her lungs when Jeni's parents found her while taking a walk.Jeni was called to the scene and promptly took the little creature home to feed it because it was only fur amd bones.

The kitten stayed for dinner and then never left. She refused to leave the property so she was adopted and named Pan.

The name pan is derieved from Peter Pan because Peter was left alone to tend for himself at a young age and also because there is a Japanese animation series whose character is a tough little girl named Pan.

This little one is a true princess.

Bunnies don't get much cuter than this little guy. His name is Jet. He was rescued from a mall pet store when Jeni worked at a nearby department store. She found him too precious to be in such a place.

Jet is a well behaved fluffy baby and is litter trained. Jet also talks in his bunny language, little grunts and squeaks. In addition, he buzzes. His breath sometimes hits his teeth in such a way that he sounds like a bumble bee.

Jet is Gop's special buddy.