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Those who know him call him Gop...

Those who don't, think he doesn't exist. But Gondra of Pacifica, also known as Gop, does exist and for the first time in history, he is making his presence known.

Gop was born when the earth was still new, and fire was up and coming invention. He was born on an island in the Pacific Ocean. As he tells it, his mother was moving their nest to inhabite what would eventually be called the United States of America, but on the journey across the ocean, Gop fell out of the dragon-made carrier.

Gop survived through the grace of God and landed on a small island in the middle of the waters where he grew up the single dragon on a island of monkeys and birds. Gop eventually learned how to use his feeble little wings and he began his education of the planet earth.

Throughout his lifetime he has become well versed in the cultures of this world and has even come into contact with other sea dwelling dragons. Now, he has come to the web to share his life, experiences, and existence for all who dare to seek the truth.