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In an effort to dispell rumors and enlighten the masses, Gop has set up a forum where questions he has recieved will be posted and answered for all to see. Please contact Gop with any inquiries.

Gondra of Pacifica's Virtual Soapbox.
Hi Gop,
I love your site!
I was wondering,
if you could vote
in the next presidential
election, who would you vote for?
Gwen from Tucson :)

Thanks Gwen!
It's a shame, I've been here since before George Washington and I still can't have a say in the policies of this country. But you can. This is an important election year, with a lot at stake. When I evaluate the issues and the integrity of the men running, I clearly find George W. Bush to be a better leader. His record and his compassion have made him a worthy commander for this country. I have felt safer since he has been in charge and that's somthing considering I can blow fire through my nose!
Hey Gop!
Since Jeni goes to UF
I'm sure you're aware
of our football program.
What do you think about the
Wally from Live Oak

Well Wally... We all miss coach Spurrier. That man was a genious! What he could do with a football and a visor revolutionized college football, and let's not forget that when Zook worked under Spurrier at UF he was demoted and then later fired. Should anyone be surprised that we are not experiecing Spurrier success? Just remember, contracts don't last forever, and I heard Spurrier is living in Gainesville again. Gator fans, look to the future because the present will make you ill.
Greetings Gop,
What do you think...
in space, are their
treks or wars?
Capt.Kirk56, Enterprise
Well Captain,
It's sad you should even ask. The universe is only big enough for the wars. Those who follow the treks are dillusional. I'm glad you took time out of your busy convention schedule to contact me however. May the force be with you.
Hola Gop,
What are come of your favorite
chica23, Miami

Hi chica23,
Some of my favorite website include: